A passion
that was developed
in our family

Artistic Majolica Tassi was born from an idea and from the experience of the ceramist Luigi Tassi who, during the year 2000, decided to interrupt a collaboration that had already been established for a while to create a new entrepreneurial project.
His daughter Valeria, who graduated from the artistic institute of Deruta during 1994, welcomes with enthusiasm the initiative of her father and she immediately starts working in their family’s company while applying, through her desire of experimenting, a touch of joy and innovation to the classical production.



Created to bring out
your emotions


A past
that moves
toward the future

The city of Deruta is the home of a century old tradition.
Visiting it, walking in the its streets and breathing its air means immersing yourself in a culture with roots that are connected to an extraordinary productive organization that, as time passed, persisted and evolved. The remains of the ancient furnaces used for ceramic firing during the Renaissance era are the face of this culture, proud to have an important past while advancing towards the future to search for innovative techniques and styles.

Happiness Makers

Arouse emotions to remain in the hearts of our customers.

We invite you to visit our laboratory to discover the secrets of this ancient art.

The TASSI team

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