A passion
that was developed
in our family

Artistic Majolica Tassi was born from an idea and from the experience of the ceramist Luigi Tassi who, during the year 2000, decided to interrupt a collaboration that had already been established for a while to create a new entrepreneurial project.
His daughter Valeria, who graduated from the artistic institute of Deruta during 1994, welcomes with enthusiasm the initiative of her father and she immediately starts working in their family’s company while applying, through her desire of experimenting, a touch of joy and innovation to the classical production.

Starting from zero to reach for the stars

Growing up amongst paintbrushes and with an innate passion for ceramics, Valeria isn’t afraid of the blank slate that this new company represents for herself and her family.
Determined and energetic, she expresses her ideas with freshness and vitality, both in colors and in line, who soon become the trademark of the new Tassi project, extremely appreciated by the new clients and from the operators of the sector.


A legacy to protect,
pass down and value

Luigi Tassi has given a precious contribution to the project, supporting Valeria’s ideas while also giving her access to his ”know how” with happiness and without prejudice.
Luigi passed away during 2007, despite the difficult times that the company has gone through year after year, Valeria, with the collaboration and the support of her husband Marco, felt the need to continue the project of her father without ever betraying its spirit, in other words without ever giving up on the creativity and the quality of the Tassi products.

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